“Women’s Taxi” Appeared In Paris



Recently you can see the taxi cabs on the streets of Paris, that are more characteristic to London. Men would not stop such taxis – they are designed only for ladies.

Women Cabs

The idea of ​​the company’s owners was borrowed from the Women Cab from londoners, however, they are slightly modified. If the drivers in the British capital of the “women taxi” are just the ladies, and the price of the trip isthe same as in the classic version, the Parisian carrier hires men and has positioned itself as a company providing services to a higher level.

Each machine is equipped with GPS-transmitter that you can track it on the map of the location, and drivers need to send SMS to the operator when boarding and disembarking passengers. Unlike similar taxis in other countries of the Paris car taxis are painted in flirty pink, but in strict silver. The passenger compartment of the TV with a CD player, mini-bar and a small manicure table. A solid glass separates the passenger from the driver. You can talk to the driver, using a microphone.

Directions to “women’s taxi” in the city will cost 28 euros. For those who like to go shopping service is provided “shopping” – paying 150 euros for two hours, they will be able to use the services of a personal driver with car. For 750 euros you can arrange an annual subscription and receive a car at your disposal at any time.

To call for a cab it is possible on the website or by telephone (+33 01) 42-278-013.


The Underwater World of The Faroe Islands Attracts Divers



Commercial diving has appeared in the Faroe Islands about ten years ago and since then the coast have been investigated about two dozen points for the dive. Most of them are located near the island Eysturoy. Also diving is possible on the island of stapes (Streymoy), (including near the capital Tórshavn and on the northern islands – Kunoy, Bordoy ​​and Vidoy.

Only in the Faeroes diving center is located in Klaksvig (Bora island). Depending on the experience and wishes of the tourist center professionals will prompt the best point. Beginners can take a course on the islands of the dive. In good weather in some places you can swim with a mask or try night diving.

Faroe Islands Diving

Diving in the Faroe Islands, divers have the opportunity to see not very bright, but no less diverse and fascinating underwater world. There inhabit some unique fish, sea stars and sea urchins, and interesting flora and picturesque rocks off the coast consist of layers of colourful rocks – from green to burgundy.

Free Diving Excursions To Ibiza


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Ibiza Diving

Las Salinas beach

The island of Ibiza boasts not only beautiful scenery but also the breathtaking splendor of the underwater world around them. Admire the underwater scenery tourists can during free tours, which take place here every week.

The tour begins with an introduction, during which the tourists with the layout tells about the features of the island. Then, participants sit in a canoe to explore the coastal zone and diving and underwater photography.

Underwater tours are conducted on the island for the second year in a row – the first time they were held last summer and enjoyed great popularity among locals and tourists. Tours are held every Saturday until October 15 at the beach Figueretes from 12.00 to 13.00. Seats in the group is limited to 20 people, so should be written in advance by calling the tourist information center: (+34-971) 39-92-32 or by sending an email to: informacioturistica@eivissa.es.

Diving Excursions

Diving Excursions In Ibiza

Courchevel Stakes On Cross-Country Skiing



Courchevel Ski Resort

Tourist Office’s of most popular vacation spots in France, Courchevel, notes the growing interest of tourists to the “natural” sports – cross country skiing and snowshoeing. In turn, the resort, in addition to the 65-kilometer ski loops and nine different levels of complexity, has an excellent ski area for ski biathlon.

The most difficult ski routes – two loops that connect Courchevel with Meribel Mottaret resort (17 miles, vertical drop 150 meters) and the village of La Tania (15 miles, vertical drop 500 feet). The remaining seven loops are considered mild or moderate – their length varies from 1.5 to 8.5 kilometers. Those who want to learn cross-country skiing at a high level can take lessons in Courchevel with a professional trainer.

Courchevel ski area is located in the western part of Trois Vallee. The glory of the resort created a unique nature, great trails, excellent quality hotels and restaurants. There are more than 150 kilometers of trails (22% “green” 37% “blue” 32% “red” and 9% “black”), which are served by 62 ski lifts, a large number of extreme slopes in the Col du Pas du Lac (2700 meters), a magnificent track “Jean Blanc” with a height difference of 1,000 meters and a length of 1.5 kilometers.

French Alps, Courchavel

La Tania, Courchevel

A bath… At An Altitude Of 190 Meters In Switzerland


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Switzerland Jacuzzi


Jaccuzzi On Gueuroz Bridge

Swiss bridge Gueuroz, built in 1931-1934 in the canton of Valais, is among the highest in the world – its height is 190 meters. It was famous for it by the fact that enthusiasts have placed on it a hanging jacuzzi.

Jacuzzi is installed on a platform that is attached by cables to the bridge and hangs over the abyss. It does not seem particularly comfortable, because the ability to heat water are limited, and the construction itself has much sway in the wind.

But fans of extreme are attracted by the opportunity to take a bath in such unusual circumstances. Rental price starts from the hot tub in 1030 euros. The maximum number of people for the jacuzzi bath is 24, the water temperature – +38 º C. Information can be found on the official site.

For safetly, each swimmer is clipped into a harness and wearing shoes and a helmet. In contradiction to most hot tubs is taking a plunge in this jacuzzi purely for the thrill, instead of relaxing and calming down.

Winter Resorts Of Belleville Valley Are Preparing For New Season


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French Alps


In the French valley of Belleville, a member of the ski area Three Valleys, last season tourists have completed more than half a million overnight stays: 1.48 million in the Menuires and over 170 thousand – in Saint Martin de Belleville.

These two resort town offers a total of about 30 000 rooms in hotels, residences, apartments and camping sites.  Over 60% of the guests of the valley are the foreigners. Most tourists come here from the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Russia, Denmark and the Czech Republic.

Menuires offers lovers of winter holidays 33 lifts, 76 trails with a total length 160 kilometers (6 of them – the “black”, 24 – “Red,” 34 – “Blue” 12 – “green”), and 28 miles of trails for cross country skiing .

Belleville Valley

The resort is family-oriented young skiers. There are five chair lifts, which can go up with the kids, and five lifts “carpet” type. Also Menuires offers two areas for teaching beginners and a free ski pass for children under 5 years old. Ski pass for children aged 5 to 12 years will cost 27 euros per day or 131 euros per week. Special ski pass for beginners costs 20 euros per day is only valid for 15 lifts that lead to a simple route. Another suggestion for younger guests Menuires – Spa at Chalet Hotel Kaya, which has facilities for children aged 6 years.

For the new season Menuires Tourist Office has prepared a special offer for beginners – First time on skis. It includes a week-long stay in the studio for two, six lessons for beginners, 6-day ski pass, as well subscribe to the choice of Aquaclub (swimming pools, sauna, whirlpool), fitness center or visit a spa. Package Price – from 345 euros per person.

Lido Di Venezia



Lido Di Venezia
Lido Beaches

Lido is the name of a long strip of land that separates Venice from the open sea. Two other channels, and San Nicolo Alberoni separate the island from the other city’s waterfront.

Lido is the most visited by tourists island, as there are well-equipped beaches, are held a variety of cultural events of international level, such as the International Exhibition of art cinema, or Venice Film Festival. The island is the building of the City and Casino. The first settlements of the island occurred in the Middle Ages.

Benedictine Monastery of San Nicolò, which has arisen around the eponymous town, was built in 1044.

From the Lido you can get into a cozy and elegant center Malomokko situated around a beautiful little square. This area was built on the opposite shore of the island in the VI century the Venetians, hiding from the invasion of foreigners. Later it was rebuilt on the site where it is today.

Lido is no longer a VIP-resort, but it is known for its sandy beaches, cinemas, casinos and all sorts of sports facilities, which can not offer Venice. He has also gained popularity during the International Film Festival.

On the island there is nothing purely Venetian, and if you have time to get used to the traffic-free streets of the historic town, you will be unpleasantly surprised by scurrying about cars, buses and taxis. One can rest only on the long strip of beautiful sandy beach.

Should go to the Lido at least for the sake of pleasure, which can be gotten from the reverse trip late summer evening. Shelley described the view from the Lido to San Marco, by comparing the temples and palaces from the “fairy castles, towering up to heaven.”

Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands


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Balearic Islands

Balearic Islands

Palma de Mallorca is considered a true pearl of Spain. Palma de Mallorca – the capital of the archipelago and one of the largest ports in the Mediterranean. City Centre – is a vast ensemble of luxury residential areas, shopping streets, alleys and old buildings.

Entertainment, tours and attractions in Palma de Mallorca

The main landmark of the city – the Cathedral, whose fantastic lighting system was developed by Gaudí. In the temple complex also houses the Museum of the Cathedral, a small art museum (the work of a local school of painting) and the palace of the Moorish rulers of the island – Palau de L’Almudaina.

The most attractive part of the city is behind the cathedral – like an Arab, “Medina” the old quarter. There you will find exquisite Arab Baths, the Museum of Mallorca and the Basilica of St. Fransisk (13th century, the former soap factory Arabic), the first Christian church on the island – Santa Eulalia Town Hall and the old in the late Renaissance style. Outside the old quarter of the castle Bellver (inside arranged Museum of the castle), the old Mercantile Exchange and the Archbishop’s Palace and the museum of the great Joan Miro.

Bellver Castle

The round castle on a hill near Palma was built in the 14th century for King James of Aragon II. During the 18th and 19th centuries it was used as a military prison. Gaspar Melchor writer de Jovellanos was one of the most famous prisoners of the castle.

Travelers arriving in Palma on the sea, they saw in front of all the required visits to attractions: Bellver Castle, Sa-Lodzha, Almudaina and the Cathedral.

It is believed that the Bay of Palma, together with the Bay of Naples, is one of the most beautiful in the world.

The lovers of shopping and city life will feel here the best of all. However, Palma will appeal to fans of entertainment for whom the city has countless cozy bars, fine restaurants and nightclubs, as well as casinos.

Palma's Cathedral

Palma's Cathedral


Cathedral. The Back Side View

Palma's Esplanade

Palma's Esplanade

Palma's Beaches

Palma De Mallorca, Spain, Balearic Islands

Palma De Mallorca, Spain, Balearic Islands

Canary Islands


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The Canary Islands are one of the 17 provinces of Spain. They are located in the Atlantic Ocean – 1500 km from the Iberian Peninsula and 100 km from the coast of Africa. The first mention of the Canary Islands, then known as Happy, found in 505 year BC. Carthaginian explorer Hanno, moving south along the coast of the Sahara desert, reached the islands, surprised at his wealth of nature, and wrote about them in “Gannon Sea World Tour”

As you know, vacation – it’s not just sea and sun, but also delicious food. Not only Spain influenced the Canarian cuisine, along with dishes of Spanish origin, it contains Native American, Latino and African recipes. Is present a lot of dishes from seafood, and in addition to traditional lobster, prawns, octopus and mussels, some of the dishes of local fish species deserve special mention. For instance, “Viejo” with green sauce “moss” made from parsley, or red sauce “Picon” – is simply delicious!

Vieja – a wrasse with white meat, freshly caught, then lightly cooked. This fish is considered one of the best dishes Canarian cuisine. Definitely worth a try dishes from swordfish, grouper, as well as baked or fried sardines. Very interesting Salmoreho sauce for marinating meat or fish. Compulsory dish for anyone who wants to get an idea of ​​Canarian cuisine – Rabbit (Conejo) in a sauce salmoreho.

Of the meat dishes are very popular goat and pork in a special marinade that can cook only in the Canary Islands. In the present Canarian sauces are no chemical additives or preservatives. The best souvenirs from these places – a small bottle of natural Canarian sauce. Also, meat is prepared set of typical Canarian stew, especially puchero Canario (puchero canario) – beef stew, or some kinds of meat at once.

The traditional dessert – bienmesabe – sweet cream egg yolks, almonds and cinnamon. Be sure to try the local papaya, mango, avocado, and the Canary bananas and local juices – it will be unforgettable!

And the drinks here what you need. Have you ever tried this rum with honey? Most likely you will only include the Cuban, made of reeds. But when something is in the Canary Islands, a former pirate kingdom, made this rum and honey. It is much tastier and more expensive than cane. Currently, Canary rum has almost vanished from the face of the earth, preparing it for her. So, after visiting here, you can feel the real taste of pirate rum!

Particularly noteworthy is also strong and sweet amber wine Malvasia (produced since the beginning of the XVII century.), Which in recent years become a well-deserved, but once lost popularity.

Easter Island – Rapa Nui (via Travel through South America)

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