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The Canary Islands are one of the 17 provinces of Spain. They are located in the Atlantic Ocean – 1500 km from the Iberian Peninsula and 100 km from the coast of Africa. The first mention of the Canary Islands, then known as Happy, found in 505 year BC. Carthaginian explorer Hanno, moving south along the coast of the Sahara desert, reached the islands, surprised at his wealth of nature, and wrote about them in “Gannon Sea World Tour”

As you know, vacation – it’s not just sea and sun, but also delicious food. Not only Spain influenced the Canarian cuisine, along with dishes of Spanish origin, it contains Native American, Latino and African recipes. Is present a lot of dishes from seafood, and in addition to traditional lobster, prawns, octopus and mussels, some of the dishes of local fish species deserve special mention. For instance, “Viejo” with green sauce “moss” made from parsley, or red sauce “Picon” – is simply delicious!

Vieja – a wrasse with white meat, freshly caught, then lightly cooked. This fish is considered one of the best dishes Canarian cuisine. Definitely worth a try dishes from swordfish, grouper, as well as baked or fried sardines. Very interesting Salmoreho sauce for marinating meat or fish. Compulsory dish for anyone who wants to get an idea of ​​Canarian cuisine – Rabbit (Conejo) in a sauce salmoreho.

Of the meat dishes are very popular goat and pork in a special marinade that can cook only in the Canary Islands. In the present Canarian sauces are no chemical additives or preservatives. The best souvenirs from these places – a small bottle of natural Canarian sauce. Also, meat is prepared set of typical Canarian stew, especially puchero Canario (puchero canario) – beef stew, or some kinds of meat at once.

The traditional dessert – bienmesabe – sweet cream egg yolks, almonds and cinnamon. Be sure to try the local papaya, mango, avocado, and the Canary bananas and local juices – it will be unforgettable!

And the drinks here what you need. Have you ever tried this rum with honey? Most likely you will only include the Cuban, made of reeds. But when something is in the Canary Islands, a former pirate kingdom, made this rum and honey. It is much tastier and more expensive than cane. Currently, Canary rum has almost vanished from the face of the earth, preparing it for her. So, after visiting here, you can feel the real taste of pirate rum!

Particularly noteworthy is also strong and sweet amber wine Malvasia (produced since the beginning of the XVII century.), Which in recent years become a well-deserved, but once lost popularity.