Lido Di Venezia
Lido Beaches

Lido is the name of a long strip of land that separates Venice from the open sea. Two other channels, and San Nicolo Alberoni separate the island from the other city’s waterfront.

Lido is the most visited by tourists island, as there are well-equipped beaches, are held a variety of cultural events of international level, such as the International Exhibition of art cinema, or Venice Film Festival. The island is the building of the City and Casino. The first settlements of the island occurred in the Middle Ages.

Benedictine Monastery of San Nicolò, which has arisen around the eponymous town, was built in 1044.

From the Lido you can get into a cozy and elegant center Malomokko situated around a beautiful little square. This area was built on the opposite shore of the island in the VI century the Venetians, hiding from the invasion of foreigners. Later it was rebuilt on the site where it is today.

Lido is no longer a VIP-resort, but it is known for its sandy beaches, cinemas, casinos and all sorts of sports facilities, which can not offer Venice. He has also gained popularity during the International Film Festival.

On the island there is nothing purely Venetian, and if you have time to get used to the traffic-free streets of the historic town, you will be unpleasantly surprised by scurrying about cars, buses and taxis. One can rest only on the long strip of beautiful sandy beach.

Should go to the Lido at least for the sake of pleasure, which can be gotten from the reverse trip late summer evening. Shelley described the view from the Lido to San Marco, by comparing the temples and palaces from the “fairy castles, towering up to heaven.”