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Switzerland Jacuzzi


Jaccuzzi On Gueuroz Bridge

Swiss bridge Gueuroz, built in 1931-1934 in the canton of Valais, is among the highest in the world – its height is 190 meters. It was famous for it by the fact that enthusiasts have placed on it a hanging jacuzzi.

Jacuzzi is installed on a platform that is attached by cables to the bridge and hangs over the abyss. It does not seem particularly comfortable, because the ability to heat water are limited, and the construction itself has much sway in the wind.

But fans of extreme are attracted by the opportunity to take a bath in such unusual circumstances. Rental price starts from the hot tub in 1030 euros. The maximum number of people for the jacuzzi bath is 24, the water temperature – +38 º C. Information can be found on the official site.

For safetly, each swimmer is clipped into a harness and wearing shoes and a helmet. In contradiction to most hot tubs is taking a plunge in this jacuzzi purely for the thrill, instead of relaxing and calming down.