Commercial diving has appeared in the Faroe Islands about ten years ago and since then the coast have been investigated about two dozen points for the dive. Most of them are located near the island Eysturoy. Also diving is possible on the island of stapes (Streymoy), (including near the capital Tórshavn and on the northern islands – Kunoy, Bordoy ​​and Vidoy.

Only in the Faeroes diving center is located in Klaksvig (Bora island). Depending on the experience and wishes of the tourist center professionals will prompt the best point. Beginners can take a course on the islands of the dive. In good weather in some places you can swim with a mask or try night diving.

Faroe Islands Diving

Diving in the Faroe Islands, divers have the opportunity to see not very bright, but no less diverse and fascinating underwater world. There inhabit some unique fish, sea stars and sea urchins, and interesting flora and picturesque rocks off the coast consist of layers of colourful rocks – from green to burgundy.