Recently you can see the taxi cabs on the streets of Paris, that are more characteristic to London. Men would not stop such taxis – they are designed only for ladies.

Women Cabs

The idea of ​​the company’s owners was borrowed from the Women Cab from londoners, however, they are slightly modified. If the drivers in the British capital of the “women taxi” are just the ladies, and the price of the trip isthe same as in the classic version, the Parisian carrier hires men and has positioned itself as a company providing services to a higher level.

Each machine is equipped with GPS-transmitter that you can track it on the map of the location, and drivers need to send SMS to the operator when boarding and disembarking passengers. Unlike similar taxis in other countries of the Paris car taxis are painted in flirty pink, but in strict silver. The passenger compartment of the TV with a CD player, mini-bar and a small manicure table. A solid glass separates the passenger from the driver. You can talk to the driver, using a microphone.

Directions to “women’s taxi” in the city will cost 28 euros. For those who like to go shopping service is provided “shopping” – paying 150 euros for two hours, they will be able to use the services of a personal driver with car. For 750 euros you can arrange an annual subscription and receive a car at your disposal at any time.

To call for a cab it is possible on the website or by telephone (+33 01) 42-278-013.