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Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik – one of the most majestic and sophisticated city in Croatia, which is called the pearl of the Adriatic. It is included by UNESCO in the top three most beautiful cities – monuments of Renaissance Europe, along with Venice and Amsterdam. Dubrovnik city got its name in the eighth century, when the Slavic tribes settled in these parts. It comes from the oak forests growing here. The city has evolved over several centuries and, thanks to a highly developed merchant fleet by the middle of the 15th century became an independent republic, the motto of which were the words: “Freedom is not worth all the gold in the world!” And maybe that’s why none of the invaders could not subdue it up until 1808.

XV-XVII centuries. This period was the “golden” period of Dubrovnik: at this time it gained a guise in which we see it today. Fortifications (2 km long, up to 6 and a height of 20 meters), built over 6 centuries and have always been a city of reliable protection from the enemy. They are now in excellent condition and are open to tourists, and risked to climb on them will be rewarded most amazing views over the city and the island. Old Town keeps a lot of cultural and architectural masterpieces such as the Church of St. Vlach, the palace of Prince, the Dominican and Franciscan monasteries, fountains, the famous Italian architect Onofrio de la Kawi, the oldest synagogue in Europe, the Museum of Navigation, Ethnographic Museum and Art Gallery.

Mild Mediterranean climate is combined with an amazingly beautiful nature filled with the breath of pines, cypress and laurel, as well as endless caress of sunlight and crystal clear, warm sea made Dubrovnik one of the most popular resorts. The 12 Elaphiti Islands, elegantly stretched along the coast are an irresistible ornament for Dubrovnik.

Indented coastline has many quiet and picturesque coves, lush greenery, where there are a small tourist village, friendly and hospitable people are always welcome to the guests. Riviera Dubrovnik includes several popular tourist towns such as Cavtat, Plat, Mlini, Slano and Stone, and lovers on the islands may go for Kolocep, Lopud, Korcula and Mljet, the latter is a national park. The cuisine in this region abounds in seafood and meat delicacies of mutton and lamb, it features oysters and mussels from the bay near the town of Stone, and eels from the river Neretva.

Dubrovnik streets...



Fabulous Architecture Of Antoni Gaudi




When in the summer of 1926 a slovenly wretched old man who was walking down the street in Barcelona after work, all splattered with paint and solidified with cement,  did not pay attention to the rapidly approaching tram, which shot him down, nobody was able to promptly recognize in him the great architect. He had no documents and a penny in the pocket and looked like a homeless tramp, the attitude which has always been equally indifferent. And only in the hospital for the poor found that was dying Antonio Gaudi. Doctors were powerless to save him.

Gaudi came to Barcelona in 1868, at the age of 16, where for five years he studied at the Higher Technical School (university) architecture. Along the way he has worked as a draftsman and studied the various crafts (metal forging, carpentry, etc.) in the studio of E. Punta.

In college students Gaudi could not tolerate the analytic geometry, but loved to learn a curved surface. He liked to observe nature in which there are uniform in color or objects in the flora nor fauna, no dead matter. That this diversity he drew his curves and saturated colors of the architectural style. He often fantasized during construction and could begin work without having finished drawings.

The Most Mysterious Night Of The Year – Halloween




The night before All Saints’ Day on October 31 to November 1 – is the most mysterious night of the year – Halloween. Holiday, originating in Ireland, then became a tradition in America after World War II, it returned to Europe, including Germany.

Halloween is not a public holiday in Germany, but every year the number of celebrants dressed in costumes of witches and ghosts, is growing. With the increasing popularization of the holiday is becoming louder, and criticism in his address, since Halloween is competing with the ecclesiastical and national holidays as Reformation Day (celebrated on the same day) and St. Martin’s Day (celebrated on November 10 and 11).

Pumpkin as a decoration, can be found everywhere, even on the roof.

Preparing for Halloween begins in September. In stores you can buy pumpkins of all possible varieties, sizes and colors and not only present but also clay, plastic, in the form of candles, garlands, etc. A huge number of witches and ghosts can be seen as on the shelves, and on balconies, windows, garden, flower pots and wreaths, posted on the front door. Many children with their parents carpentry, all these sets with their hands, including the traditional hollow gourd with carved eyes, nose and mouth and inserted into the candle. And as thrifty Germans, nothing wasted, from the pulp of the pumpkin are preparing a variety of dishes – from soups to sweets.

To date, Halloween in Germany, has acquired the status of the costume party. Across the country, children dress in costumes of witches, vampires and other creepy characters. In Germany, children do not go to the neighbors and do not ask for sweets, as is done in many countries. They arranged for the holidays with quick change in schools and kindergartens. But all this afternoon.

Kids do not just dress up in costumes of devils, ghosts, skeletovi etc., but also make sure any “terrible” makeup

In the evening, not only to discos and clubs, and cafes and restaurants, where decorations become so weird and scary, as far as possible open their doors to visitors. Adults with no less pleasure than the children dress in costumes of devils, ghosts, skeletons, witches and demons. Looks worse than a suit, the more chances to get the main prize in the evening.

The most grandiose spectacle in Germany, but perhaps also in Europe, takes place on Halloween night in the castle Frankenstein. Up to 20,000 visitors each year flock to the ruins of Frankenstein, so as to be frightened and horrified, as Halloween draws huge number of ghosts and apparitions, with pleasure bounding in front of you from behind at night. There, you can not just have fun and take part in pretend play, but like any other festival in Germany, to rest in the bar with plenty of soft and alcoholic drinks, cocktails and snacks.




Paphos is situated on the southwestern coast of the Cyprus island. It is the capital of Cyprus since the Roman dominion. It is here not far from Paphos is the place where according to legend, the goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite came ashore from the sea foam. Many tourists are coming here to see the famous rock where Aphrodite came to life.

With the opening of international airport in 1984, this once obscure part of Cyprus began to develop rapidly. In the picturesque harbor of Kato Paphos, in the old part of town you will find many taverns, famous for its fish <meze> (dishes made from fresh fish). It is here come the locals and tourists to relax during the day and spend time in the evening. You will be charmed by cordiality and hospitality with which the residents of Paphos welcome guests. The resort has plenty opportunities for interesting and varied holiday: you can visit the local museum and the tombs of kings, visit one of the first Christian basilicas, admire the harbor from the height of the walls of an ancient fort. The value of archaeological sites in Paphos is universally recognized: here are the most beautiful and well-preserved mosaics ever found in the Mediterranean region.

Madeira – A Small Paradise…



Madeira Beach

Just imagine the following scene: in the blue waters of the Atlantic is mountainous green island. The mountains look in the crystal clear waters of the ocean, lost in its mysterious depths. Waterfalls cascade falls from the cliffs and fall into a natural swimming pool with thermal water, formed in volcanic rocks … a dream? Not at all. All this extraordinary beauty and pristine purity of nature can be seen in Madeira.

Madeira is located just 500 km from the coast of Africa and 1000 km from mainland Portugal (and a half hour flight from Lisbon). The population totals 260,000 people, half of whom live in the capital – the city of Funchal. The island stretches for 57 km in length and 22 km in width (the total area of 741 square km). In Madeira archipelago includes the island of Porto Santo and the uninhabited islands Dezertash and Selvazhensh.

The climate in Madeira is very modest: the average temperature in summer 22 ° C, winter 16 ° C, water temperature, respectively, 22 ° C and 18 ° C, which is due to the proximity of the Gulf Stream. There is practically no change of seasons, so the island can without exaggeration be called the island of eternal spring.

The favorable climate of Madeira made it a favorite vacation spot: The winters are quite warm, and summer is never a strong suffocating heat. And all this thanks to the wind rose, due to the geographical location of the island. Curative air Madeira and the local climate perfect tone and restore strength and excellent hotels offer their guests literally royal holiday. It is hard to find the best place to relax and temporarily forget about their problems.

Seven years later the island had grown the first settlement. Their inhabitants have begun processing fertile soil, using the favorable climatic conditions for growing sugar cane. Getting rich on this “white gold”, the settlers brought to the island of slaves to work the land, fields, terraces, and irrigating canals (meadows), which to this day are used to “recharge” the steep slopes. Sugar was not only a major source of income, but also to a product that has brought the island world famous. After all, without it would be impossible to manufacture “Madera” – wine, the taste of which drew in the second half of XVI century British travelers. They stopped here to relax and enjoy the tropical climate on the way home from India.

Refers to the wealth of Madeira and its cuisine. The restaurants of the island offers a truly wide choice of seafood and fresh fish from a variety of crabs and shellfish to juicy tuna and sword fish. One of the most famous dishes – eshpetada (barbeque) – roasted on the spit of a laurel tree. Eat eshpetadu with fragrant homemade bread, washed down with red wine. Impressive is also an abundance of fruit, grown on rich volcanic soils, which require virtually no chemical fertilizers.

Madeira built a unique irrigation system. Rainwater is stored in reservoirs or lakes, and then assigned to a network of narrow channels (here referred to as meadows), which encircle the entire island. Levada carry water over long distances to the vineyards and fruit plantations. Their total length is more than two thousand kilometers, and some were held in the XVI century. But meadows There is another advantage that is particularly appreciated hikers. With footpaths laid along the meadows, open the most spectacular views. Many tourists enjoy the natural beauty of Madeira, walking along the meadows, where you can choose a guided tour or wander on their own. Impossible to get lost – traveler issued maps of the canals. So Madeira – a real paradise for those who like to make walking and enjoy the beautiful scenery, not suffering here from the unbearable heat, high humidity and troublesome insects.

Of course, the island of Madeira gained fame water sports center. These same fans come to water skiing, surfing and windsurfing, scuba diving, sailing. In recent years Madeira has also become a first class international center for underwater fishing. It happens that there are caught blue marlin weighing up to 500 kg. Rich in local waters and various types of tuna.

Bathed in Madeira, mainly in the basins, as the steep slopes of the island not always make it easy to go down to the ocean. But fans of extreme rest in Madeira offer swim in the natural volcanic pools, which fills the ocean water. Those who want to relax on a sandy beach, it makes sense to go to the island of Porto Santo. Before he can be reached in ten minutes by plane or 2 hours by ferry. At the time Columbus discovered yet, that this cozy island – an ideal place to make the time to forget about everyday worries and problems. He himself had lived here for several years, marrying the daughter of a local governor. Along the coast of Porto Santo stretches for 9 km strip the stunning and rare to clean beaches. Their golden sand is famous for its healing properties. To bathe in the warm and calm waters of the Atlantic all year round. Fans of outdoor activities will find excellent opportunities for water sports, as well as on Porto Santo, a flat terrain than in Madeira, many prefer to bicycle to any other means of transport to become more familiar with the island.

More than 500 years of cultural and historical heritage of Madeira is reflected in the numerous monuments that can be seen in churches and museums of the island. In the past, many wealthy merchants donate to churches, magnificent paintings and other works of art, the most valuable of which are now stored in the museum of religious art. The island can be found throughout the work of local craftsmen and applied art. Center for handicrafts is a place Camacha, which produces the famous wickerwork. Madeira is famous for its embroidery and beautiful tablecloths.

Madeira is also famous for its colorful festivals and carnivals, such as New Year’s holiday fireworks (December-January); February carnival (a small copy of Brazilian Carnival), Easter celebrations (March-April), Festival of Flowers (April-May); Wine Festival (September) .




Montenegrois one of the most beautiful places on Earth. If you ever spend a vacation in this country, this trip you will remember for a lifetime. You definitely want at least once again to visit this wonderful place.

Today, Montenegro is among the most environmentally responsible countries in Europe, it is even at the legislative level is reflected in their constitutions. Sea water of the Adriatic, near the Montenegro coast is crystally clear. This is confirmed not only tourists, but scientific researchers. Some amazing places in this small country is referred to the monuments of the natural heritage of UNESCO. For example, the Tara River Canyon, the deepest in Europe, untouched and overgrown with forest. Incidentally, the largest virgin forest in Europe is also in this country. This is surprising, because most of those impassable forests, on which we so often read in the tales about knights and princesses in Europe, nowhere else is left. All modern forestry plantations – are handmade.

Montenegro famous historical sights. The small coastal town of Kotor – one of the most visited by tourists. He was recently listed as World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. Already during the Neolithic tribes lived here, leave a memory in the cave paintings. However, attracting tourists more monuments of medieval architecture, which met here not only in the strict Gothic style, but with frivolity of Italian architects and the luxury of Austrian urban planners. Also in the town hosts traditional Montenegrin Holidays “Bokelska Night” and “Summer Ball”, which attracts not only tourists but also local residents to enjoy an unforgettable Montenegrin fish.

Montenegro seems to be something that deserved special gratitude of the gods of weather. How else to explain that here a long warm summer, but never sweltering heat. And winter lasts several weeks, and almost never the temperature does not drop below zero. Therefore, rest in Montenegro extremely comfortable. Yes, comfort is not leaving for a minute. Montenegro, despite its name – is the country is sunny and full of very friendly locals.

Bulgaria. Romance of the sunny country


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It has long been observed that the Bulgarian resort towns are shrouded with charm that attracts tourists here.

The most exotic corner of Bulgaria and one of the most original cities in Europe. It arose over 5,000 years ago on a tiny peninsula. Nessebar is surrounded by the sea, and it connects to the mainland by only a narrow isthmus. This arrangement has caused and historical development. For centuries, Nesebar was a city-state, first Greek and then Roman colony, a Byzantine, and later the Bulgarian provincial center.

In Nessebar still preserved ancient city walls, medieval churches and elegant buildings of the Renaissance. Unique from all the ancient towns in Bulgaria, it is included in the list of historical monuments of the world.

In ancient times the city was called Apollo, and was later renamed in Sozopol, which translated from Greek means – the city of salvation. And in the holiday season here is safe from everyday hustle and bustle, noise and bustle of thousands of holidaymakers.

Sozopol is situated on a long cape, passing into the sea. This is strikingly unique city in which all imbued with the spirit of ancient times. Bizarre deaf street pavements, houses just like standing on top of each other, and walking down the street, it seems that you are in the tunnel. Architecture is strict, but both beautiful and mysterious. Small elegant houses fascinate involuntarily forcing remember all the famous stories of Greek and Roman tragedies.

Unfortunately, at different times of Sozopol were transported to Paris, St. Petersburg, Berlin, many of the unique museum exhibits. But now here you can see magnificent examples of the heritage of ancient Apolonia, to have that dream all the major museums of the world.

The beaches of golden sand, clean air, beautiful nature, from a contemplation of which many just hmeleyut. In terms of company more than 40 hotels, and all they stand on the beach. Restaurants, night bars, a spa center. If you want to do fitness, tennis, horseback riding, snorkeling, windsurfing, flying on a hang glider or a helicopter – anything is possible in Albena. There would have only the desire and money. Come here with children. There is scope for anyone – children’s playgrounds and beaches, clubs. If you want to feel like Robinson Crusoe and stay alone with the wildlife, which will immediately take you into my arms, go to the unique nature reserve “Balata”, or stroll along the liana forest. The most famous resort of Albena – the perfect place to relax at any age, with a variety of hobbies and tastes. It is no coincidence Albena is the fifth time the prize is awarded “Blue Flag” of the European Foundation for Environmental Education. For information on air temperature and water are collected several times a day, constantly investigated physico-chemical and microbiological composition of sea water and even radiological condition of the sand. At feeding stations monitored the quality of all products.

Almost all along the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria stretch sandy beaches, and so banks here are flat, and the sea – shallow. These conditions are ideal for families with children. Kids happy to frolic in the warm shallow waters and are not afraid to go to sea even in a light wave. To protect the delicate skin of young tourists from the bright sun, the beaches are great multi-colored umbrellas. For a small fee you are quite able to sit under them or to buy your own umbrella and sun wherever you like.

Of course, everyone will prevail his impressions of travel in Bulgaria. After all, if someone is enthusiastic about cruises, someone from riding or swimming in the pool, while others just feel more comfortable in small towns, where time passes slowly, and we do not have customize. One thing is certain: the Bulgarian Black Sea resorts will give you a romantic experience. And believe me, you’ll remember them for a long time!

Monaco and France: your own apartment on the Cote d’Azur…


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Your own house neighbouring with Presidents and Princes Monte-Carlo, Nice, Cannes ... Sandy beaches and golf courses, luxury resorts and princely palaces, palm trees and valleys and vineyards – all this excites the imagination and attracts numerous tourists from all over Europe, but around the world. Holidays in the Monaco Principality and the French Riviera is considered to be very prestigious.

In Monte Carlo on the French Riviera have their homes such celebrities as actresses Brigitte Bardot and Gina Lolobridzhida, actors Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jean-Claude Van Damme, singer Luciano Pavarotti, the ex-Beatles Ringo Starr, top model Claudia Schiffer and fashion designer Pierre Cardin, athletes, Michael Schumacher and Boris Becker, the owners of cognac and rum empire Mr. Hennessy and Mr. Bacardi. And also – “the powerful people” – French President Jacques Chirac and President Mobutu of Zaire, and, of course, the most popular heroes of the society columns in the world – the rulers of the princely family of Monaco Grimaldi.

Real estate on the Cote d’Azur is one of the most expensive in France and an apartment in Monaco (individual houses there are practically not sold) can afford only the most affluent people. Thus, ordinary apartments in Monaco: living area of 340 square meters. m, three bedrooms, three bathrooms plus a beauty salon with shower, lounge, study room, living room, dining room, kitchen, four large balconies with views of the sea and the mountains cost $ 3.400.000. In addition to the apartment there is a common garden and a garage for 2 cars. The size of the apartment is not the most important factor in determining its price. Thus, a modest studio apartment – studio – with a living area of 30-40 square meters. m, kitchen, bathroom, toilet and balcony in Monaco cost $ 800.000. Here, above all, is appreciated when the apartment is located in the principality – if you afford it, then you have enough money to be a worthy citizen of this small and rich country. Even if you have not bought an apartment, but only rent an apartment (such a pleasure, on average costs $ 2.000-3.000 per month), it is a sufficient ground for local authorities for granting you a residence permit. Significant benefits, however, is the absence in the principality’s tax property and its inheritance.

On the Cote d’Azur 1 sq. m apartment costs around $ 3.000. Villa minimum price – $ 1.000.000 (with the floor made of pink marble and sinks of semiprecious stones, flower beds of roses, olive groves, pool, private dock for yachts, etc.). Curiously, the majority of houses is sold with the servants (of course, and they are not your property, they remain free to people who pay well-deserved salary). Knowing the house thoroughly old servants will be better take care of the house than new one. It is also worth noting that the staff at the villas French Riviera are almost entirely composed of the Portuguese.

Those who did not get all necessary money to become a neighbor of eminent personalities should not be upset. Local banks give a mortgage of 50% of the cost of real estate. In France and Monaco credit is given for 5, 10 and 15 years old.

The minimum cost of renting a villa in Monaco -is $ 24.000 per month for a 1.000 square meters. m square. But this option is difficult to find, as the principality is very small and almost all built up with apartment buildings on the places of the old large villas. The rental fee of two-room apartment (bedroom + living room) in Monaco starts from $ 1.500 per month plus 10% for the various amenities: elevator, intercom, concierge, etc. Looking to rent a villa on the Cote d’Azur is available for $ 7.000-10.000 per month.

Greece. A journey on the yacht…


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Greek Islands



Greece. A journey on the yacht. Some Travelling Tips

The cheapest boat for 4 people for a week would cost around 1750 dollars. USA. The price depends on: year of construction of the vessel, its technical characteristics, navigation equipment, the lease term, season (May or August).

Honeymooners, couples, all who prefer a quiet, peaceful journey, many companies offer a route to the islands of Aegina, Poros, Agistri, Hydra Spetses. Youth, loving active parties, are recommended the routes to the islands of Syros, Mykonos, Paros, Sifnos.

The tours for anglers – Island Evia and Skyatos.

For the lovers of excursions suitable routes are Island of Samos – home of Pythagoras, Patmos – where St. John wrote the last book of the Bible “Revelation”, Ios – where died the great Homer.

During the voyage on the yacht it is possible to use all the water recreation, including surfing, fishing, scuba diving.

Travelling on the yacht is a kind of aristocratic leisure, when your luxury hotel, which has showers, a comfortable lounge, fully equipped kitchen, everywhere watching you. In Greece you will have some gorgeous holidays.

So what is Monaco?


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Monaco: France


Fabulous, partly real kingdom – a tiny, squeezed between the cliffs and the sea. Monaco with the area of 195 hectares is annually visited by up to three million tourists. If we calculate how much land will be in Monaco each of them, it appear they’re all together, you get to 6.5 square millimeters per tourist. This is not the local population, which is very sparse, since to get the Principality’s citizenship is extremely difficult. Of the 32 thousand citizens of Monaco 10300 are French, 6410 – the Italians (though they give the impression of a dominant presence) and 6089 Monegasques, most small group of “indigenous” people. They are descended from the first members of the Grimaldi dynasty, which began its reign in Monaco with the XIII century.

A small but proud state sacredly holds its traditions. The ruling house even set up a committee to preserve the traditions, the main tradition is Monegasques language. On the other hand, the connection of historical heritage with avant-garde, such as in architecture, here it is called an art form.

Monaco represents several (4, according to a new division) small parts, including the Monte Carlo and Monaco-Ville. Monte Carlo – is a “game house”. Here, next to the main Casino is the second building, perhaps even more visited – with game machines. Just imagine: a city where people in the evening, rather than pass the time in bars or the cinema, they go to play! And this is not an event but an ordinary evening of ordinary Monte Carlo. It is appropriate joke: When the question of granting citizenship, primarily based on how people are venturesome. People in Monaco do not pay taxes – at the expense of the game in the state treasury received much more money.

The main characteristic of Monaco-Ville – is that all streets are located on top of the mountain the old city, which is not only that the car will pass not – not every man protisnetsya lead to the prince’s palace. Before him every day at 11.55 is the solemn changing of the guard, which involves at least a dozen soldiers. Looking into the sea from a steep cliff down at the main temple of Monaco, where are buried the members of the princely family, and can not imagine that somewhere there is still a city.

However, uninformed “search” it and walk on it on the map is a completely meaningless exercise. Everywhere in the rocks are pierced tunnels – as horizontal for roads, and vertical, for pedestrians. These pedestrian tunnels to the elevators in some sense can be compared to the subway. Its people have to “render habitable” stone space. They arranged shops, restaurants, newspaper shops. The city itself is somewhere completely ordinary, but somewhere like the model of an ideal place to live. Houses – a body boarding resort and recreation, among which in the thickets of exotic greenery both hiking trails. And you never know when will the “spa” area and where will the “normal” city.

The fastest way to get to Monaco from Nice is by helicopter. Such an unusual mode of transport here, too, in the order of things. It is also one of the “royal” expensive rides. 6 unforgettable minutes of flight on the “shuttle bus with a propeller” over the sea. And here, above, offers a magnificent view of one of the universally recognized paradises of the planet – Cote d’Azur.